Efficiency in Law Firms

Efficiency in Law Firms

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efficiency in law firms

Efficiency in Law Firms - clear desk policy?

Every day you are faced with frustrations.

Frustrations that mean you are

  • waiting for information, paperwork, emails to be returned,
  • waiting for call backs from clients and third parties,
  • checking the work of others for errors and compliance,
  • stopping and re-starting work due to interruptions
  • searching for notes in a file, on a PC, across different software screens
  • generating bills and checking invoices bills etc.

All of these (and the 30+ examples of frustration we have identified in law firms) wastes your time and effort and drives down the productivity and efficiency in law firms. More importantly they get in the way of being a legal expert, of delivering for your clients. 

In 2010 we first wrote about applying lean management principles in Law Firms. (You can get a copy at the bottom of this page).

Now you can get over 30+ examples of Daily Frustrations and insights into Lean Management in Law Firms in our  

 Guide To Lean Management for Legal Firms 

Free pdf guide to Lean in Law Firms and Legal Departments.

Over 1,000 copies downloaded - contains 30+ examples of daily frustrations in law firms.

 Click here to download the FREE Lean in Law Firms Guide

This guide was first produced in 2012 and has been updated regularly since.

What can Lean Management deliver for Law Firms?

  • Faster Delivery to clients; 20-40% faster, we've seen an example of 60 days taken down to 8 days.
  • Improved communications to your clients about progress and costs.
  • Reduced Costs -  becoming more efficient means you can identify ways to reduce costs. (15-30% can be achieved)
  • Faster Delivery brings the benefit of reduced WIP & Lock-up. 
  • Embed improvements in the way work is delivered.
  • Deliver a STRATEGIC advantage over your competitors.

Levantar have developed a number of services for law firms looking at continuous improvement, whether you are just starting to consider options, want initial training, want to discover what Lean management could bring to your firm etc.. 

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We also have a small but growing number of Continuous Improvement Case Studies for Law Firms and Lean Management in Law Firms Blog stories which you are welcome to contact us about.

We also have a number of articles on Lean in Law Firms which we are happy to send through.

Just drop an email to Mark@levantar.co.uk asking for the details.

To join the 1,000+ people who have downloaded the Lean for Law Guide and find the 30+ examples of wasted time and effort in your firm, click the button below.

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Faster Delivery to Clients
Reduced Costs
Reduced WIP
Strategic Advantage
To find out more about our FREE 1/2 day consultation on Lean Management Options for Law Firms and Legal Departments call Mark on 01904 277 007 or fill in the contact form back up the page. (It's free to talk)
Download our FREE Guide to Lean in Law Firms - it contains 30+ examples of how law firms lose time.