Mark Greenhouse UK Lean Consultant

Mark Greenhouse UK based Lean Consultant

Mark Greenhouse UK Lean Consultant

Mark Greenhouse UK Lean Consultant

You can find Marks full CV  and connect with him on Linkedin

Mark began his Lean journey way back in 1991, whilst studying for his degree. A thesis on Manufacturing Management Systems uncovered these new ways of working from Japan.

Since gaining a Master Degree in Engineering in 1993 he's worked with manufacturing, insurance, banking, legal and service based organisations.

A career which has included;

  • day to day Operational Management roles, 
  • Project Engineering Delivery 
  • Department Head roles 

in all of which he's attempted to incorporate Lean and Continuous Improvement practices.

As well as running Levantar he's an Associate Lecturer at Leeds University Business School, where he provides real life continuous improvement examples to the students on the Operational Management courses. 

Coming Soon: May 2017: he'll be able to share which two leading Business Schools he is now working with.

Born in Liverpool, now living in York, Mark is married, has three boys and supports Everton.

He has written several articles on Operations Management including the application of Lean management in Legal Firms and the Service sector, providing insights on marketing as well. Details of the articles are contained in his profile.

Mark is not afraid to take ideas and concepts across boundaries and test them, a trait which has led to him championing the use of operations based lean management techniques and principles in Marketing and Sales environments. This was followed by applying them in Financial Services (Front and Back Office) this has ultimately led him to applying Lean in Law Firms and the wider Professional Sector.

If you think you're business requires someone who is willing to think about the application of techniques rather than provide a "cookie-cutter" approach then get in touch.

Mark can be contacted on


landline: 01904 277007

mobile: 07712 669396

If you have any questions about Lean, drop him a line or pick up the phone.