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Lean Manufacturing - Why? 

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Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvement techniques have been powering large and small UK & Global manufacturing businesses since the late 1980's. How can they help you? 

In the past month someone in your business will have spent time and become frustrated by having to;

  • Organise an urgent late delivery to a client.
  • Searched high and low for a part you should have on stock but can't find.
  • Work overtime to get an order out - whether you paid or not.
  • Move stored equipment, spares, raw materials, finished goods to get at what they really need in the warehouse.
  • Re-schedule the plan due to production problems.
  • Look for a tool, a works order, specification for an order.
  • Expedite an order for a customer.
  • Re-do work you've already done once, because it didn't meet the specification.
  • Answer a question from a customer; a question your customers, particularly the new ones always ask.
  • Check the work of a qualified, experienced person to make sure it's right.
  • Copy and paste information from different computer systems to try and keep information the same.
  • Check raw materials and incoming parts because the quality hasn't been right.

Perhaps you or your staff have seen these for so long you accept that these things are just normal.

All of these frustrations, lead to wasted time and effort.  Time and effort you could have put into other orders, tasks, & activities. 

How Does Lean Manufacturing Help You?

Lean Manufacturing gives you the tools, techniques and behaviours to help you find these frustrations.

From this You can find out how much time and effort they waste and implement solutions to sort them out. 

Lean Manufacturing - How Many Frustrations Do You Have?

It is really simple to find out.

Ask and Listen! ask your staff and listen to their replies.

Ask your staff what stops them doing their job, ask them if they recognise the list above. Ask them what frustrates them about doing the job and listen to their replies.

See if you can list the same 30+ frustrations that appear in our Free Lean Manufacturing Guide. While you're at it, why not estimate how many times each of them happen each week.


Get Your FREE Copy of The Levantar Lean Manufacturing Guide. See If You Recognise the 30+ Examples of Frustration That Staff in Manufacturing & Engineering Firms Face Daily; That Lead To Wasted Time and Effort.
Contact Neil Harvey our Lean Manufacturing Consultant on 07931 529300 OR fill in the contact form below. Let him know what your challenges are or simply ask him to contact you for a chat and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.

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If you've downloaded the free Levantar Lean Manufacturing Guide then have a look at the 30+ frustrations that waste time and effort in many manufacturing and engineering businesses.  Share them with your staff, see if they can recognise them.


Lean Manufacturing - Frustrations Lead to Wasted Time

The time you've lost doing the 30+ things, we mention in our guide above, mean 3 things to your business and YOUR customers;

Process Improvement Speedometer

Process Improvement

  1. It takes LONGER to deliver work to your customers than it should - the wastes take up time; if you could get that time back when could you deliver?
  2. It COSTS you more to make your products for the Customer - who is paying for the wasted time? You or your customers? Right now you could be paying to waste time.  
  3. You could be making MORE products with the same resources - IF you could get rid of the wasted time and effort, how much more could you make with the same equipment and staff?


Lead Time Reduced 20%
Productivity improved 30%+
Recognise these frustrations in Your business and how they cause you to waste time and effort? You might well be thinking "we have other frustrations as well". Give Neil Harvey, Lean Manufacturing Consultant a call on 0115 711 7007 for a FREE chat about how you could start improving your on time delivery (OTIF) and improve cash flow as a result.

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