Lean Manufacturing Training Course UK

Lean Manufacturing Training Course UK

These lean manufacturing training courses we believe are best delivered to meet your specific needs and at a pace to suit you, your business, your staff.

A productivity improvement course we believe is best designed to allow you and your staff to actually apply the techniques and receive coaching and feedback. We believe the best learning comes from training that helps attendees deliver improvements and return on your investment right from the start.

A productivity improvement training course which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business; using the lean manufacturing techniques which are most suited to your business.

There are in excess of 50 techniques; some will be more important to your business than others. Do you want to learn all 50 before you start trying to improve?

Lean Manufacturing Training Course - adapted to solve Your problems

If you are looking to improve your production department to solve problems such as

  • Getting deliveries out ON TIME, IN FULL. (OTIF)
  • Taking too long to fulfil customer orders - Slow Production Times
  • High levels of Work in Progress and too much progress chasing
  • Skills and Knowledge shortages or high levels of staff turnover
  • High Costs

Or to simply remove that Friday afternoon feeling. You know when at around 11.30am on a Friday things start going wrong for the weekend, we've all been there.

Then this course can be adapted for the needs of your staff, your factory or manufacturing plant.

You may have these or other Manufacturing issues that you are looking to solve.  We've over 50 years experience in the firm. Call  Neil Harvey on 0115 711 7007 for a free chat to confirm whether we can help you.  

Lean Manufacturing Training Course - designed to fit in with your workload

A Lean Productivity Improvement course on which you are coached and advised on how to implement the techniques. Not a course where the focus is 5 consecutive days, away from the workplace to gain a certificate.

The course typically consists of 5 training sessions which are split across several weeks.

After each lean manufacturing training module individuals are given 121 training and support in the production workplace. This helps them to get insights into how to implement the lean manufacturing tools into their daily lives. It also gives them insights into how to bring others on board and to gain their buy-in.

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Productivity Improvement 30%+
Improved ON TIME Delivery 20%+
Reduce Space Needed 25%
Correct Costs - right people, right skills, right time

Lean Manufacturing Training Course - You deliver an Improvement Project

As part of the training ALL attendees select their own workplace improvement project to deliver. We give as much attention as to how people implement the project as we do to the results obtained.

It's very tempting to push improvement projects from the top of an organisation. They achieve more when you bring others along with you on the productivity improvement journey.

We'll be looking for evidence of how attendees

  • Provide Communication
  • Manage Performance
  • Develop their own skills and experience
  • Work with others (internal to the business)
  • Manage Customer Relationships
  • Maintain Professional Standards throughout the training.

The project should be aiming to deliver 5-10* the initial investment in the training. That's a return on your investment from one project.

What could you achieve with the 2nd, 3rd or 4th projects?

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