Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity Review

Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity Review

Manufacturing Productivity Review

Manufacturing Productivity Review

Simply put this Lean Manufacturing service is one where we visit your factory and with your staff review the Manufacturing Efficiency and Productivity.


before you embark on training or improvement, wouldn't it be good to see how much is possible with what you've already got?

A recent manufacturing client of ours is delivering 36% more work with the same teams and resources. Over half the operations staff are undergoing additional skills training at the same time!
STOP call Neil, our Lean Manufacturing Consultant NOW for a chat about a review. Telephone 0115 711 007 and find out how you could be getting more work out on time.

What Do We Do?

We try and work our how much more you could get with the existing resources.

We try and understand whether you have "true" Bottlenecks holding you back.

We spend time with your staff listening for and observing the Frustrations they have.

We'll review

  • how orders get into the business and onto the shop floor,
  • what your customers need
  • what skills and experience you have
  • what your operations capability is
  • what your operational capacity could be

Then we'll estimate how much time and effort you might be wasting in your business.

Lean Manufacturing Review Benefits

Productivity Improvement 30%+
ON TIME Delivery 20%+
Reduce Space ~25%

Can You Do a Manufacturing & Efficiency Review Yourself?

Of course, we reckon you'd need to clear at least 3 consecutive days to do it.

Next you'd need to listen & observe.

DON'T Interfere though in what you hear or see; just let it happen and see the outcomes.

Remember you're looking for frustrations, the activities which lead to wasted time and effort. You should find around 30 of them, without too much trouble.

That's why it can be difficult.

  1. To put the time aside
  2. To keep "out" of any decisions being made and "let go"
  3. To know what you are looking for

Finally you have to be able to feedback what you've seen without any prejudice.

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