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Increasing Productivity Manufacturing Engineering

Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing & Engineering Firms: TIP 1

Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing & Engineering Firms.  Increasing ProductivityOR to put it another wayGET MORE, OUT ON TIME with the same resources & the same numbers of people.Why are we focussing on the company productivity & not individuals?Surely we just optimise the output of each individual, give them performance targets; add in some training and off you go?NO not if you want: 50% […]

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Lean Manufacturing & Process Improvement Consultants

Lean Manufacturing & Process Improvement Consultants,what does that mean exactly?Process  a NOUN: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end Lean Manufacturing & Process ConsultantsEvery business has processes, whether they document them or not. These are things we do every dayarranging delivery to customersplanning which orders should be completed […]

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Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity Review

Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity ReviewManufacturing Productivity ReviewSimply put this Lean Manufacturing service is one where we visit your factory and with your staff review the Manufacturing Efficiency and Productivity.WHY?before you embark on training or improvement, wouldn’t it be good to see how much is possible with what you’ve already got? A recent manufacturing client of […]

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Lean Manufacturing in the UK

Lean Manufacturing – Why? (If you want to see the Lean Manufacturing services we offer scroll down the page)Download: FREE Lean Manufacturing GuideLean Manufacturing and Process Improvement techniques have been powering large and small UK & Global manufacturing businesses since the late 1980’s. How can they help you? In the past month someone in your business will have spent time […]

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