Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant

Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant

Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant

‘Kneeds’ to get his hands dirty and infuses honest wholesome business improvement with financial reality.
In the past decade Neil has delivered significant improvements to dozens of clients of a variety of sizes and across many business sectors, from FMCG to engineering, printer manufacturers to electronics, medicinal products to retailers, as well as sofa and fashion designs. Typical tangible benefits attained include:

  • Capacity increases of over 60%, attained without increases in staff numbers or space utilised.
  • Increased unit profitability of over 3%%. 
  • 40%+ improvements in Cash Flow.
  • 30%+ reduction in debtors days and inventory levels.
  • Improved flow (and visibility of same) throughout the business as bottlenecks of product, service and information are minimised.
Neil has owned businesses since 1987, when he set-up one supplying the UK supermarkets. In the period till 2008, Neil ran this and other successful businesses, developing, manufacturing, sourcing and importing products for the UK supermarkets, at one stage supplying over 100M items per year. This kept his interest till 2008 when he opened the Nottingham Office for Levantar (then known as ResQ).

In case you haven’t guessed it, Neil owned businesses in the “make daily, sell daily” pressure cooker environment that is the bakery trade.

Studying for a degree in Managerial & Administrative Studies at Aston University, led to a career starting in Consulting, a qualification as a Chartered Management Accountant and ultimately as a very successful business owner.
Neil gained an MBA from Nottingham Trent University in 1994 and in the period 2002 - 2009 he was chairman of the Shell Step Graduate Scheme.

Outside of work Neil has a passion and (a vast) knowledge for running, cooking, fashion and Chelsea (Though above all of these comes his family and he’s married with a daughter and has lived in Nottingham since 1987.

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Alternatively Neil can be contacted on;


mobile: 07931 529300

Nottingham office landline: 0115 711 7007

So if you have any questions on lean and process improvement, don’t be afraid to call.