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Back Shoring UK Manufacturing

Back Shoring UK ManufacturingBack shoring UK manufacturing has come to our attention again. This time in the form of the Paper Cup Company who are based in Clitheroe, Lancashire.They have recently decided to bring production back from China. This move will create 9 jobs initially. So this fits the trend we expect to see for […]

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What is Lean Manufacturing? a free pdf guide

What is Lean Manufacturing? free PDF guideIn recent weeks we’ve been monitoring our new site, watching for Lean Manufacturingterms being used in keyword searches.  Analysing what people are searching for, we’re confident we have something to assist a certain audience we are attracting. The audience that is looking for information on What is Lean Manufacturing?It’s a simple Guide to Lean […]

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Reshoring Manufacturing to the UK – Others Have Done It

Reshoring Manufacturing to the UKAt Levantar we’ve been following closely the trend for Backsourcing or Reshoring manufacturing to the UK. Indeed the same trend is happening in office administration centres as well.Backsourcing or reshoring is not just about bringing jobs back home. More often than not it’s based on sound economic business and social reasons.The main […]

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