Business Process Mapping Tip #4

Business Process Mapping Tips #4


Business Process Mapping Tips #4

Business Process Mapping Tip 4

Business Process Mapping Tip 4

Go and Check

  • Observe the Work being Done, the Orders being made; the actual work you are paying for, the movement of people and parts, the checking, the paperwork or software being filled in, the looking for parts, information; the Work In Progress being stored.
  • Listen to the Staff Questions they have for each other, the clarification they need,
  • Listen to and review the Customer Queries,
  • Ask about the Frustrations, your staff and customers have with your processes!

That’s right go to the place of work; Watch & Listen.



I’ve lost count of the number of times people want to map a process in an office with a large group of people in a 3 hour “meeting”.

It NEVER, EVER works.

WHY NOT? Our Three Observations;

  1. That office you’ve chosen for the meeting? it’s a management place, a place that might be feared as bad news is dispensed there. People are reserved when they go in and don’t contribute ,they also don’t want to be wrong.
  2. People often do things automatically, so they don’t realise all the steps they take in a process. Often they need to show you a live process to actually capture all the stages. Plus, they’ll tell you what they think they should do, not what they really do, they don’t want to be wrong.
  3. The place where they do work (their desk, their workstation) is safe; safe for them to share problems, show you live Frustrations, the poor quality parts, the software that don’t work, the incorrect forms, the missing information, the lack of tools, the walking to and from locations, the waiting for work to be decided…etc.


Yes, observation takes a little bit longer but the insights, the messages you learn will be more powerful, more correct. You’ll also learn the true “language” of the process as well.

Ask what Frustrations staff or customers have with the process whilst observing – there will be many of these.

Don’t ask for Improvements though, focus on what is broken. That will give you more than enough for improvements to start.

In Summary

Tip #4 – Go To The Place Where Work is Done and Observe, Listen; Discover the Frustrations


P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts on what we might cover in the tips then make comments below.

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