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Thinking Outside The Square Box For Improvement

Thinking Outside the Box for Improvement? Improvement – Square WatermelonSquare Watermelons are a thing.Why? they fit in fridges easier,they don’t roll around,they are easier to cut.Understanding what your customers need and what they will pay for it can open up new variants of your existing products and services.Do you need to really think outside the box?Or […]

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Improving UK Productivity

Improving UK Productivity – Accidental Managers

How do we go about Improving UKImproving UK Productivity – Made in UKProductivity ?It may have escaped your attention in the current discussions about Brexit, trade deals, immigration and what we can do to trade elsewhere but the UK is the least productive nation in the G7. It is reckoned that UK firms are 20% less productive than […]

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Lean Consultancy Nottingham

Lean Consultancy NottinghamMetal castingOpened in 2008 our Nottingham office has developed the model began in York. Levantar offer training, coaching and consulting services across the UK from their Nottingham office.These solutions are offered to many types of business e.g. Legal Firms, Manufacturing, Engineering, Facilities Management, Financial Services.Our Nottingham office is ideally placed to service the manufacturing […]

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Lean Consultancy Yorkshire

  Levantar offer Lean Consulting, Coaching and Training across the UK from their base in York, Yorkshire. Our York office is managed by Mark Greenhouse. His experience  has enabled clients to Reduce Lead Times by 30% Increase Capacity by 40% – leading to greater sales from the same staff and sites Reduce Costs – if […]

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Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant

Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant ‘Kneeds’ to get his hands dirty and infuses honest wholesome business improvement with financial reality. In the past decade Neil has delivered significant improvements to dozens of clients of a variety of sizes and across many business sectors, from FMCG to engineering, printer manufacturers to electronics, medicinal products to retailers, […]

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