Interim Operations Manager in the UK

Interim Operations Manager - Why? 

Interim Operations Manager

Interim Operations Manager

Why might you feel the need to use any interim operations management services and How can ours help you? 

There are several situations that businesses encounter that may mean they need to get experienced personnel quickly, in our experience theses include;

  • Emergency Cover for whatever reason a senior member of your management team is indisposed and you had no notice of it. You could carry on with the existing team but you'd like someone to come in and provide a guiding hand. 
  • Retirement - senior people are deciding to retire, these days they can do so when on their own terms. Maybe your staff need more time or training & development to take on the roles they vacate. Our solution could help develop your staff.
  • Growth - your business is growing and you want  someone to come in to help your business develop a strategy a develop staff into roles with greater responsibility. You don't want a permanent hire, you do want help. 

 How Do Our Interim Manager Solutions Help You?

Our consultants have many 20+ years operations and management experience in large and medium sized businesses, leading teams of various sizes. This experience includes time spent in positions up to Operations Director Level where they have led teams made up of;

  • Operations and Production Teams
  • Product Engineering
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Facilities Management
  • Logistics

They have experience of running engineering firms providing equipment globally through to FMCG, Food and Drink companies supplying the major supermarkets and multiples with brand and own label products.

We've dealt with the strategic nature of Operations Management, planning layout re-designs based on lean principles, managing raw material and finished good stock levels, designing department structures and training plans, putting together improvement plans.

Right through to the day to day issues of staff pastoral care including attendance management, addiction management and providing feedback.

Our experience of working with many firms in different sectors and situations means we are experienced in getting to know and work with staff quickly, it's part of our DNA.

Contact Neil Harvey on 07931 529300 OR fill in the contact form below. Let him know what your challenges are or simply ask him to contact you for a chat about our Interim Operations Manager Solutions and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.

If you need an Interim Operations Manager we always bring our insights into the 30+ frustrations that waste time and effort in many manufacturing and engineering businesses. 

This means you get a day to day Operations Management team focussed on delivery for today, this week, this month but also conscious that there may be opportunities to improve the current situation. 

Lean Manufacturing - Frustrations Lead to Wasted Time

The time you've lost doing the 30+ things, we mention in our guide above, mean 3 things to your business and YOUR customers;

Process Improvement Speedometer

Process Improvement

  1. It takes LONGER to deliver work to your customers than it should - the wastes take up time; if you could get that time back when could you deliver?
  2. It COSTS you more to make your products for the Customer - who is paying for the wasted time? You or your customers? Right now you could be paying to waste time.  
  3. You could be making MORE products with the same resources - IF you could get rid of the wasted time and effort, how much more could you make with the same equipment and staff?

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If you want Neil to call back don't forget to add your phone number in. Having a chat with us is always free