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Business Process Mapping Tip 2

Business Process Mapping Tip #2

Business Process Mapping Tips #2  Business Process Mapping Tip 2You’ve agreed why you are mapping a process. Next you need to agree two additional points;What is the Final Output of the Process, the finish & Where does the Process Start?Or put another way Where Are The Boundaries? sounds simple right?Where Does The Process Finish?Is your […]

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Lean Manufacturing Training Course UK

Lean Manufacturing Training Course UK Value Stream Map – Lean Manufacturing Training CourseOur lean manufacturing training courses are what we offer to firms looking to equip their own staff with the SkillsExperiencesTechniquesTo embed and SUSTAIN PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS.Productivity Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Business Process Improvement, whatever you want to call it should be designed to allow you […]

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Lean Manufacturing Productivity & Efficiency Review

Lean Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity Review Manufacturing Productivity ReviewSimply put this Lean Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity Review service is one where we visit your factory, your manufacturing site.With you and your staff we review the Manufacturing Efficiency and Productivity of your business. This could be the shop floor or the support functions – Finance, Development, […]

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Mark Greenhouse Lean Process Improvement Consultant

Mark Greenhouse Lean Process Improvement Consultant Mark Greenhouse UK Lean Process Improvement ConsultantFor 25 years Mark has been involved with improvement of organisations be that through Productivity Improvement, Lean, Efficiency Improvement or Process Improvement programmes – all with the aim of leaving behind SUSTAINED improved performance. During that time he has often had to deliver improvements […]

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Lean Manufacturing Consultants UK

Lean Manufacturing ConsultantsIf your business needs to  Lean Manufacturing & Process ConsultantsGet Orders Out On Time, Get Production & Operations Work Completed Faster For Customers,Investigate How Production Costs Can Be Managed Overcome Skills Shortages in Your Operations Departments Then we know Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques will provide the answers to your questions.Our Lean Manufacturing Consulting […]

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