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Business Process Mapping Tip 2

Business Process Mapping Tip #2

Business Process Mapping Tips #2 Business Process Mapping Tip 2You’ve agreed why you are mapping a process. Next you need to agree two additional points;What is the Final Output of the Process, the finish & Where does the Process Start?Or put another way Where Are The Boundaries? sounds simple right?Where Does The Process Finish?Is your process […]

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Business Process Mapping Tip #1

Business Process Mapping Tip #1Business Process Mapping Tip #1We often get asked about Business Process Mapping so I’m sharing a series of tips that I hope you find of use.The first step in Business Process Mapping is to establish,Why Are We Mapping A Process?There are lots of reasons why you might wish to map a […]

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Lean Waste in a Law Firm? It’s only 20-40% of Time

Workflow Waste in Law Firms – Over 20% of Time Time Wasted”Only in becoming a general manager did I recognize the waste that law firms and in-house counsel design into their workflows – waste that I estimate at 20 to 40% of what companies pay them.” I’ve just read this on this blog post.  https://www.controllingcorporatelegalcosts.com/about-me/If you’re paying […]

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Business Process Mapping for Improvement

Business Process Mapping – Productivity ImprovementBusiness Process Mapping BPMBusiness Process Mapping (or BPM) details the steps a business takes to complete a process;a process could include;setting up a new client on a CRM system,manufacturing a product,hiring an employee, shipping a product. A Business Process Map shows the “what”, “when” (the sequence),“where”, and “how” for these steps […]

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Efficiency In Law Firms & Departments

Efficiency in Law FirmsWe help legal teams to improve Processes & Productivity, turn work round to clients faster – reducing WIP & Lock-up, develop staff to take on more responsibility and be more accountable.HOW? Efficiency in Law Firms – clear desk policy?Every day you are faced with frustrations. Frustrations that mean you are;waiting for information, paperwork, emails […]

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Lean Value Stream Mapping in a Law Firm

Value Stream Mapping and Alignment”The feedback was positive from every department. Everyone agreed with the improvements that the project found, agreed that we should do something about them, get started quickly; we moved on to the next item on the agenda.” Towards the end of 2014 we completed a Value Stream Mapping project for a […]

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