Process Improvement Consulting for Law Firms

Process Improvement Consulting For Law Firms

Working with your staff our Process Improvement Consulting for Law Firms can be used in several different ways.

You already have skilled staff; staff who know how you operate, we bring the capability to “see” and deploy improvements, the experience of improvements over many years, in many situations.

We don’t have a one size fits all approach; WHY?

Process Improvement Consulting for Law Firms

Process Improvement Consulting Law Firms

  • your firm will have different structures to the next,
  • different target markets and clients
  • a different set of software and IT infrastructures.
  • a different character and what is right for you may not be right for the next firm.

The improvement framework we bring is built upon Process Improvement in many situations.  Our framework often includes taking one “end to end” process – from client on-boarding to invoice & archive.

We aim to find at least 20+ Improvement Projects hidden in a single “end to end” process.

Process Improvement Consulting For Legal Firms – Just Do It (For Us)

Sometimes you just want to get to the answers, get the improvement moving.

You haven’t got the time to dedicate staff to this; you don’t know who to train but you know you have to improve; you’ve got a desire to get more out.

We can do this for you, we’ll take on understanding the chosen process, identify the improvements, with your staff  and agree on those to be implemented and get on with the implementation.

This is often the only solution that firms think consulting firms will offer, we do the work for you.

However we also offer the route below;

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Process Improvement Benefits

Faster Delivery to Clients
Reduced Costs
Reduced WIP

Process Improvement Consulting for Law Firms – Find the Improvements

In this case working with you we put together a team of your staff and ourselves to conduct the Process Improvement Consulting. The means the team also spend time learning the key principles of lean and continuous improvement.

Next they go on to produce a Value Stream Map (think Process Map but on steroids) and collect the data to support it.

The next stage is for the team to spend time identifying the improvements that could be made and begin to understand the steps for implementation. They can do as much of this as you choose and we can step in where required.

The best team for this is made up of different levels of legal and support staff.

The Output? as with using us to do all the work, you can normally expect 20+ improvement projects to be identified.

How you take these forward is up to you.

Sometimes firms wish to do everything internally, sometimes they decide they can do some and would like our help on others, sometimes they see the list and want us to take all of them.

There is no obligation to choose the path you want until the end of this stage of the Process Improvement Consultation.

We like this latter solution as involving your staff every step of the way makes the adoption of improvements easier and much more likely to occur.

Your staff learn to see what we have and are much more likely to adopt improvements and identify other improvements.

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The 30+ frustrations that you suffer from every day casue work to be delayed.

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Process Improvement Consulting – WHY only one process?

Within legal firms the “end to end ” process, onboarding to bill collection and archive, is made up of many activities. These activities are not specific to the service offered e.g. on-boarding, bill creation, invoice generation, archiving, letter receipt, opening, document review is often the same across a department and firm.

Therefore reviewing just one “end to end” process should highlight a series of improvements that could be taken across the firm.

Improvements to the “On-Board” process may be able to be taken across all the services and clients you have.

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