Law Firm Efficiency Review

Law Firm Productivity Review

Law Firm Productivity Review

Law Firm Efficiency Review

What is a Law Firm Efficiency Review? How does it work?

You may be surprised but the process is similar to that we use in many other sectors.

Any  Efficiency  Review (or Productivity review to that matter) has to be based on interviewing, observing and listening to staff. They know where all the frustrations occur, frustrations which waste their time and effort, frustrations they have with client interactions, frustrations clients have.

These frustrations and there are many of them, cause time and effort to be wasted. This causes work to take longer than required, to cost more to do and causing other work to be delayed.

Wasted time and effort which you may have to pay for, not the client.

Consider the simple example of a client returning a form unsigned or signed incorrectly - how often does that happen?

  • What do you do?
  • Chase the client to get a revised version with the correct signature?
  • How many times to you call them, email, and then wait to send out and return the a new version of the form?
  • Did you price that into the work?
  • What happens to the other work you should be doing?


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Efficiency Review

Reviews are typically fixed at two days.

We start with a briefing to the areas we'll be looking at, which involves ourselves and senior management.

Then we focus on observing the work in the areas we've agreed. listening to the frustrations that staff have, whilst looking for evidence to support this.

At the end of the two days we produce a short presentation of headline findings, which is followed up with a more complete report and examples found within your firm.