What is Lean Manufacturing? a free pdf guide

What is Lean Manufacturing? free PDF guide

In recent weeks we’ve been monitoring our new site, watching for Lean Manufacturing

What is Lean Manufacturing?

terms being used in keyword searches.  Analysing what people are searching for, we’re confident we have something to assist a certain audience we are attracting. The audience that is looking for information on What is Lean Manufacturing?

It’s a simple Guide to Lean Manufacturing. When we say simple it deals with some of the basic concepts, without introducing all the Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma jargon.

It’s not aimed at seasoned Lean Management  consultants or change managers. You’re not going to learn a lot from this, in fact you won’t find anything new.

It is a guide specifically designed for two groups of people;

  • Those who have heard a bit about Lean Manufacturing and want to know a little bit more
  • Those who are converted to Lean Manufacturing but need to find a way to convert others. Show them the Examples of the 7 wastes and see if they agree you waste time because of these.

The guide can’t hope to address every manufacturing scenario so it doesn’t attempt to. It does address some of the key questions about Lean Manufacturing, particularly for those starting out;

  • Over 20 examples of the 7 Hidden Wastes found in Manufacturing
  • Why take your time (10 mins maximum) to read such a guide?
  • What will Lean Manufacturing deliver?  
  • What is Lean Manufacturing (and what it isn’t)
  • What are the 7 Hidden Wastes in Manufacturing?
  • How do I find the 7 Hidden Wastes?

The guide comes in two formats PDF and PowerPoint show.

Click on What is Lean Manufacturing? to download the lean manufacturing PDF.

or see the bottom of this post to find PowerPoint version of The Levantar Guide to Lean Manufacturing.

as always if you have any feedback on this then please drop us a line mark@levantar.co.uk

P.S. We have other guides on the site, which we will be adding to – these include Lean Engineering, Lean Call Centre, Lean Office, Lean for Legal Staff.

Click on Lean Manufacturing to see the services we offer in this sector.

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