Interim Operations Director in the UK

Interim Operations Director in the UK

Why might you feel the need to use any interim operations director management services and How can ours help you?

Interim Operations Director

Interim Operations Director

There are several situations that businesses encounter that may mean they need to get experienced personnel quickly, in our experience theses include;

  • Emergency Cover – for whatever reason your current Operations Director or other senior member of your manufacturing management team is indisposed and you had no notice of it. You could carry on with the existing team but they’d be too stretched, there could be a risk. You’d like an extra pair of hands, additional resources to come in and provide a experience and skills from day 1.


  • Retirement – senior people are deciding to retire, these days they can do so when on their own terms. You want to hand the job on to a more junior member of staff but they need more time, more training & development to take on the roles that has been vacated. Our interim solution could be the one to fill the gap, giving you time to help and develop your staff.


  • Growth – your business is growing and you think you want someone to take on a more senior Operations or Manufacturing role. An individual to come in to help your business develop a strategy a develop staff into roles with greater responsibility. You don’t want a permanent hire, you do want help.

 How Do Our Interim Manager Solutions Help You?

Our consultants have many 20+ years operations and management experience in large and medium sized businesses, leading teams of various sizes. This experience includes time spent in positions up to Operations Director Level where they have led teams made up of;

  • Operations and Production Teams
  • Product Engineering
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Facilities Management
  • Logistics

They have experience of running engineering firms providing equipment globally through to FMCG, Food and Drink companies supplying the major supermarkets and multiples with brand and own label products.

We’ve dealt with the strategic nature of Operations Management, planning layout re-designs based on lean principles, managing raw material and finished good stock levels, designing department structures and training plans, putting together improvement plans.

Right through to the day to day issues of staff pastoral care including attendance management, addiction management and providing feedback.

Our experience of working with many firms in different sectors and situations means we are experienced in getting to know and work with staff quickly, it’s part of our DNA.

Interim Operations Director - How To Contact Us

Contact Mark Greenhouse on 07712 669396 OR fill in the contact form below. Let him know what your challenges are or simply ask him to contact you for a chat about our Interim Operations Director and Manager Solutions and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.

Interim Operations Director - What Can They Bring To Your Company?

If you need an Interim Director for your Operations, Manufacturing or Production role then Mark will bring with him 20+ years of insights and experience from a wide range of manufacturing and engineering businesses and factories. An experience which covers organisations experiencing high growth, Capex investments and an expertise which includes Strategy Development as well. Mark is …

Masters qualified with extensive day to day Operations and Supply Chain Management (to Director Level) with Capex investment experience across a range of business environments. From CNC Machining, through to Electronic & Clean Room Assembly, Food and FMCG production to Oil and Gas Processing.

Considerable expertise in delivering high growth (+20%) multi-million pound, lean improvements in business performance & productivity across Operations & Support functions.

Designed Strategy & Target Operating Models to deliver significant revenues (£10m+) for organisations. Challenging existing Strategies, Market and Customer understanding.

Effective communicator; comfortable at home with senior execs and “sleeves rolled up on the shop floor”, having tackled training, apprenticeship, H&S issues and bullying in organisations.

Trained over 2,750 students in improvement techniques at Leeds University Business School since 2010; delivered training for Goldman Sachs 10k Business Programme. Contributor to several Operations Management and Improvement publications.

Extensive knowledge of Digital and Data Marketing, AI; Managed CRM, Data Analysis & Strategy Insights teams within the B2C and B2B  finance & retail industries.

The time you’ve lost doing the 30+ things, we mention in our guide above, mean 3 things to your business and YOUR customers;



  1. UK based International Machinery Manufacturing – across two sites, saw the output per month increase by 30%, which allowed the organisation to grow organically, increasing output by ~£1m per month, without requiring additional staff.
  2. Japanese owned UK Global Tech Leader – who there probably aren’t too many UK managers who get to build the first Lean project in a Japanese owned organisation. The project here resulted in lead times being halved, from 6 to 3 months; the production time from 48 days to 20. It allowed production output to be increased and production staff to be released to help other departments. This greatly assisted the R&D function in their work, which enabled the business to bring new products to market on time.
  3. Established Global Manufacturer – with over 200 years of history, this organisation learned to make 12% more output, reviewed stock, MRP and ERP practices. Enabling “off the shelf” deliveries in some markets and 30% of orders out within 10 days in others. Mark provided a review of Capex projects and matched the growth plans to the site developments and investments.


The Benefits of Bringing in a Professional Interim Director or Manager

If your after a service where we provide consulting then perhaps our Manufacturing Consulting service for your factory or manufacturing plant maybe of interest.

What Does an Interim Operations Director Do?

They should deliver what you ask for, what your company needs. Whether you need a focus on improving skills, sorting out Procurement of raw materials, sub assemblies, outsourcing or planning and scheduling of work. Or your focus is on Quality Improvement, Cost Controls, H&S or On-Time Delivery Or a combination of several. They should bring with them sufficient experience and skills to navigate a route through for you and your business.
They should deliver what you need, whilst providing a clear input and plan for how to get there.

How Long Does an Interim Operations Director Assignment Last?

6 months as a minimum -18 months a maximum.
Why 6 months for an Interim Director role in Production? If the challenge you are setting includes some external suppliers, it's likely to be 2-3 months before they can change and begin delivering the revisions you need. Add in you build time and allowing 2 months to bed in the changes and your at 6 months. The same is true for improvement projects, they can be quick to identify but putting them in place and making them the standard way of working can take several months before the full result is obvious.
If this is a role you are going to fill with a permanent appointment, then the advert, interviews, offer will take 2-3 months, plus you add on a notice period and potentially a handover from the interim and you're easily at 6 months. The 18 months is for Interim roles where the appointment may take longer or you have identified Capital Investment projects you want them to see to completion.

Interim Operations Director for UK manufacturing and engineering companies. 20+ years production experience – Chilled Foods to CNC Engineering & Assembly