Process Improvement in Legal Services – Saves 13,000 hours

13,000 Hours Saved – 40% of Legal Forms Contained Errors.


Process Improvement Legal

How could a business processes that failed 40% of the time still be around today? How?

Thank fully it may not be and lessons from it may lead to a saving of 13,000 hours of work for the UK HM Courts Services.

A process as simple as COPYING the place of marriage (word-for-word) from the marriage certificate to the Divorce paperwork was believed to fail 40% of the time.

In testing the number of returns of the re-designed process, which was by now digital, fell from 40% of paper applications to 7% of digital.

Subsequently this has dropped to 0.7% an improvement of 98%!!

Imagine if your car failed to start 40% of the time? Your Smartphone crashed, your gas supply failed 40% of the time?

How many of YOUR legal processes today have failures?

  • Who pays for those failures?
  • Pays for completing the work which is wrong, the failure, then pay for correcting the failures?
  • Your Firm or the Client?
  • Who should be paying?

How much work is delayed because your staff are checking, chasing and correcting errors?

The 13,000 hours saved at the Court Service, is probably only part of the story.

How much time will be saved at the firms, with the client?  Will the clients see an improved service?

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