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Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop

Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop

Lean Manufacturing, Performance Improvement, Re-engineering, Productivity Improvement, Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop UK

Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop UK

– whatever we  call it, you may be thinking..

“Great, but…

  • What is it all about?
  • What will I and my Team get from it?
  • My Boss suggested we look at lean, how does it work?
  • A friend mentioned it might be useful but I’ve no idea where to start”

There are lots of books, videos, websites on the subject of Lean that you can read or watch.

Are they relevant for you and your business?

Do they address the frustrations you have?

Are they just too technical? Is there too much maths involved?

Our Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop is used by organisations who want to

  • discover what lean might deliver, they want to explore what it means
  • give an insight to management and other teams without jumping into a full project or training programme.


Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop - Delivers Insights

The workshop looks to answer questions, such as

  • How can Lean Manufacturing improve your Productivity, Processes & Cash Flow?
  • How do Lean Techniques improve your speed of delivery to customers?
  • Why do firms waste time and effort every day?
  • How does Lean Manufacturing help develop the right skills in the business?
  • How can Lean Manufacturing reduce the space we need?


Call Mark Greenhouse MEng on 01904 277007 to see if you can book one of the FREE ONE DAY LEAN MANUFACTURING + PRODUCTIVITY ASSESSMENTS we offer every month or ASK about our Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshops.

Alternatively contact him on email Send Mail to Mark

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Over 2,500 people have attended our Lean Improvement Workshops via Leeds University Business School and Goldman Sachs

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What Is A Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop?

You want to learn more about Productivity & Process improvement for your manufacturing facility.

You have a monthly board meeting, a team meeting that you want to share ideas about efficiency improvement in your factory but need help.

You want your employees to share ideas for improving the business processes but aren’t sure where to start.

Our clients have used the workshop approach to deal with situations above.

The workshop can be an hour long, half a day or all day.

It can be for the board wanting to explore the potential for improving business processes or learn more about the subject.

It can be designed for a wider audience to be helped to come up with some improvement insights.

You help us design the workshop depending on what your factory needs.

Manufacturing Workshop – Improvement with Lean

Levantar have developed a series of workshops (1 hour – 1 day) which take staff through the key messages about lean and efficiency improvement in manufacturing firms.

Our services are based on our considerable operations management experience we have. All of our consultants have run Factories and Manufacturing Plants as senior managers through to Operations Director level.

We know that any process improvement work recommended has to go hand in hand with your daily operations.  You have to improve and deliver at the same time.

Maybe you have a single site project in mind, or perhaps you have a thought that you need guidance on a series of projects, projects covering Manufacturing and the support areas – Finance, Product Development. 

Whatever you need we can flex our review to suit the areas required.

DID WE TELL YOU? Our Productivity & Process Improvement solutions have been designed and are delivered by Mark Greenhouse, an Master of Engineering and  Neil Harvey, an ACMA, CGMA professional.

I understood Lean more in the first 5 minutes of training than I’ve learnt from 4 previous courses!!

Production Manager – Assembly Build

Lean Manufacturing Training & Consulting Across the UK






We Aim To Respond in 24 Hours. Alternatively contact Mark Greenhouse on mark@levantar.co.uk or call him on 01904 277007.

Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Our Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshops have been used across the UK and in all sectors of manufacturing;

  • Oil and Gas
  • Electrical
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machinery Assembly
  • Food & Drink
  • FMCG
  • Furniture
  • Automotive

As you might imagine every client has different needs and we flex our offer to suit your specific needs.

How Does a Lean Manufacturing Workshop Help You?

It gives you the chance to work to observe new ideas and break some old ones.

It gives you the chance to see if your ideas are right.

It gives you the chance to see what MORE YOU CAN DELIVER.

It gives you the chance to start removing the things that frustrate you every day;

  • Shortages
  • Rushed or Late Customer Deliveries
  • Quality Failures
  • Lack of Ownership
  • Skills Shortages

Think about FRUSTRATIONS for a moment – you know the things you share about your day at work when you get home, go the pub, talk to your friends about the business.

Manufacturing Productivity – How Many Frustrations Do You Have?

It’s really simple to find out.

Ask your staff what stops them doing their job, stops them getting on with it? 

Ask them what frustrates them about doing the job and listen to their replies.

Listen to their replies, don’t dismiss.

While you’re at it, why not estimate how many times each of them happen each week and how much time you lose sorting them out.

A Manufacturing Productivity Example

A stores person takes a list of components and walks around the stores collecting component parts for an assembly. (The list came from the company) The parts are in part number order, not the order they are stored in or are used in.

The employee tick them off as they go, placing them in bags with the component id on, the bags go in a big box.

They are delivered to the engineer who must first, sort all the bags into the right order, checking that they have all the right parts and numbers of parts.

How much wasted time is in there? How much work is duplicated?

Why can’t the stores person deliver the parts in the right order to the engineer and help them focus on just building? Thereby increasing their productivity?

There are simple solutions to this.

What Does Lean Manufacturing deliver?

Lean Manufacturing Productivity Improvement programmes can deliver a wealth of benefits;

benefits that are SUSTAINED when delivered correctly; benefits that include; 

  • increased profitability
  • better on-time delivery
  • lower costs
  • lower Work In Progress
  • improved KPI performance
  • greater Employee Engagement

Delivering these benefits your improvement program, will open up strategic options and new possibilities which allow your business to grow.

Read Our Lean Manufacturing Blog for our latest insights to productivity and efficiency improvement in factories and operations management.

Go here for our general Lean Improvement Stories can be found here.

LEVANTAR     (verb) – to lift, to raise up

What is a Lean Manufacturing Workshop

A Lean Manufacturing Workshop enables senior Managers and teams to discover how Lean Manufacturing Techniques will deliver for your organisation. A workshop contains exercises and insights to help you decide whether you need consulting, training or management support.

What Are the 5 Principles of Lean Manufacturing?

The five principles are considered a recipe for improving manufacturing output. They include: 1) Defining Value, 2) Mapping the Value Stream, 3) Creating Flow, 4) Using a Pull System, and 5) Pursuing Perfection.

What should a Lean Manufacturing Workshop cover?

A Lean Manufacturing Workshop should include sections on:
1. Flow – getting work to move quickly, increasing the speed of delivery to customers. 2. Space, WIP Reduction – reducing the space required. 3.. Accounting – how does Lean affect what your accounts will see. 4. Quality – how will Lean Manufacturing tools improve quality? 5. People – how can you get your people involved?

Lean Manufacturing Delivers!


Call Mark on 01904 277 007 for more details about our MANUFACTURING WORKSHOPS, PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY REVIEWS