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Manufacturing Consulting UK

Develop Leaders & Transform Productivity. 

Transforming Manufacturing Teams. 
Stabilise and Optimise your Operations performance.
Guide your leaders on a path of People & Process
Improvement to deliver your Growth plans.


Prevent Your Manufacturing Output From Getting Worse; Make Costs, Quality, Delivery Dates Predictable


Making Your Operations As Productive, Efficient & Cost Effective As Possible


Enable Your Manufacturing Leaders & Teams to Deliver Your Business Growth Targets

Your Deliveries take Too Long or are Late. You want to Stop Apologising to Customers. 
Manufacturing Costs have risen. You want advice on how to these could be reduced and kept under control.
You’re not sure whether or where to invest in Operations to grow capacity, to do more. There are different opinions in the business.
Attracting and retaining skilled, experienced staff is become challenging. You need a plan for the future.
You’re concerned, there is a gap between what your Manufacturing Leaders deliver and what you think you need.
Manufacturing teams are stressed; will new MRP, AI or Digital software help reduce that stress or add to it? 

Manufacturing Consultant - Helping Your Ops Team Deliver the Business & Sales Targets

Manufacturing and Lean Consultant - Mark Greenhouse - UK Based

Manufacturing and Lean Consultant – Mark Greenhouse – UK Based

As a manufacturing consultant, who has worked with firms across a range of Operational and Supply Chain management challenges; Mark has gathered a vast range of experience.

He understands that your business is unique. That your business has certain challenges that others won’t face. You will face challenges that you know others have.

There is one challenge he knows every Organisation, every Production Manager, every Operations team, Supply Chain Director faces daily.

The challenge of TIME.

Whether that’s the challenge caused by

  • Incoming parts and material arriving late
  • Customers wanting and Competitors offering shorter lead times
  • Waiting for Engineering to re-draw designs, new product introductions
  • Sales wanting to move orders around because of delays

The challenges caused by not having enough or needing more TIME can be solved.

Manufacturing Consultant

Mark started his Manufacturing Consultant journey by studying Manufacturing and Systems Management through to Masters Degree level. This enables him to understand

  • MRP, ERP, BoM issues
  • How to Optimise Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Where bottlenecks occur and how to remove them
  • HR and Team Development
  • Financial Management of Operations
  • Instilling KPIs into factory and operational teams.

He has then gone on to hold positions from team leader and supervisor right through to Operations Director.

He’s also overseen several major capex investments as a Project Manager; from new equipment purchases to machinery purchases; re-structured departments and teams.

All of which means you get the insights and experiences of a manufacturing consultant who has walked the walk. One who has faced the deadlines to get work out, who has managed teams doing similar work every day.

He’s also trained over 2,750 students via his annual lecture in Operational Management and Lean Improvement at Leeds University Business School.


Manufacturing Consultant & Author
Mark has also written extensively on Lean and Improvement for several publications including;

Operations Management – Wiley

Business Advantage – Lean Management part of a business course by Cambridge University

Lexis Nexis – How Lean can be applied to Legal Operations

The Lean Management Journal

His most recent article was for The Moeller Institute at Cambridge University, entitled Making Your Digitalisation Project Succeed which considered the lean and improvement techniques needed to support digital, industry 4.0 projects.

Manufacturing Consultant - Sectors

Lean Manufacturing Consultants UK

Lean Manufacturing Consultants UK – Shadow Board

As a consultant in manufacturing Mark has worked with manufacturing firms and production sites across the UK and Europe across a range of sectors. This has given an insight into operations from high speed automated production lines and warehousing through to hand built technical assemblies; assemblies designed and built for specific customers.

  • Electrical Cabinet Assembly (Wiring Prep and Finish) – control cabinets assemblies for various industries
  • Welding and Fabrication including painting & blacking
  • FMCG (bottling, filling and packaging) – soft drinks, toothpastes, shampoos, crisps
  • Chilled Foods – soups, sauces, salads, coleslaw(s), ready meals
  • Metals Processing (CNC Lathes, Milling, Grinding) – 20mm diameter through to 450mm x 500mm
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly – of sub assemblies in various industries.
  • Printing

This range of sectors means he’s worked with companies whose output is measured in millions of items a week (bags of Quavers, bottles of lemonade for UK Supermarkets), through to those who deliver just a handful of machines or sub assemblies a month (World Leading Printing machines).

He’s also experienced many industries in which Production and Assembly aren’t the final step in the process. Following on come Commissioning and Testing – all of which form part of the lead time to customers.

Results Delivered by Manufacturing Consulting

Lean Manufacturing Consultants UK

Manufacturing Consultant UK

What should you expect from a Manufacturing Consultant ?

Every client we work with is different; every client has different aims but we have seen enough factories, worked with many operational teams and sites to know who to start helping them deliver On Time, Every Time and then getting them to deliver more.

Here are just a selection of the results our manufacturing clients have achieved;




  • Manufacturing Organisation – Outputs grew 33% and Overtime disappeared in just 3 months.
  • Global Leader in Printing Machinery – production times down to 20 days after starting at 47 days, inside 4 months.
  • Laboratory Organisation – dealt with 29% more orders and delivered more 24 hour turnaround requests. 
  • Machine Shop Job Turnaround – went to 50% of orders ready in under 10 days from just 10%. 
  • Electro-Mech Assembly Company – 12 machines output per month up from a starting output of 8. 

In all of these the organisations achieved these results with the SAME numbers of staff and resources. In fact a couple of them found they could release staff to work in other areas.

Imagine being able to deliver 20-35% more work with the same numbers of staff and resources.


Look again though, many of these mention that the organisations could do more, they went on to sell more, generate greater revenue.

If you can deliver more, faster and be sure of it, you can turn this into a sales winning proposition.

That’s what your Manufacturing and Operational Improvement Consultants should aim for.

leeds university business school lubs lean management workshops

Over 4,000 students at Leeds University Business School

have attended an annual workshop given by Mark on Lean and Improvement in Manufacturing Operations.

To get hold of Mark Greenhouse MEng, BEng, MIDM Manufacturing Consultant call him on ☎ 07712 669396 to see if you can book one of the


we offer every month

OR email him direct Send Mail to put manufacturing Consultant as the title of the mail

As well as the training that he delivers on Lean and Productivity, Process Improvement, Mark has written several articles on Lean Management and Operations Management.

This include the application of Lean improvement in Legal Firms; The application of Process Improvement in the Service sector and marketing teams. Details of the articles are contained in his Linkedin profile.

Business Advantage Book

Business Advantage Cambridge University Press

In 2011 he produced content on Lean Management for the Business Advantage Series published by Cambridge University Press. Business Advantage is the course for tomorrow’s business leaders. Providing a unique syllabus that combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills – all presented using authentic, expert input – input that included the following leading institutions and organisations: the Cambridge Judge Business School, the Boston Consulting Group, Nokia, Dell, and Levantar – to name but a few.

You can find out more about all these publications and connect with him on Linkedin

Mark began his Lean journey way back in 1991, whilst studying for his Bachelors Degree in Manufacturing.  A thesis on Manufacturing Management Systems as part of his Masters Degree uncovered these new, Lean Manufacturing ways of working from Japan.

He’s also gained qualifications in Marketing, when he took the process improvement techniques he’d learnt from lean manufacturing into the marketing offices of FMCG and Financial, Insurance companies.

Mark is not afraid to take ideas and concepts across boundaries and test them, a trait which has led to him championing the use of operations based lean management techniques and principles in Law Firms since 2011.

These days Mark is comfortable taking lean and process improvement across a wide range of sectors (Manufacturing to Law) where the challenge, more than ever, is to get work completed faster. The first step is always helping staff to see how they could be more productive, by doing less and sustain the changes.

If your business is looking for a lean, productivity improvement consultant who will help you understand how you can apply the techniques in your unique organisation.

A business process improvement consultant who can not only help you get more out but is experienced in marketing to help you sell more.

A process improvement consultant who knows your business has some unique challenges and will bring the right tools, techniques to you at the right time, rather than provide a “cookie-cutter” approach then get in touch.

Mark can be contacted on


mobile: 07712 669396

If you have any questions about Productivity Improvement, Lean, Business Process Improvement or Efficiency, drop him a line or pick up the phone.


Manufacturing Consultant in the UK – Masters Qualified

As a Manufacturing Consultant he’s delivered £Ms in extra revenue, Improved On-Time Delivery, Taught Over 2,750+ Students in Improvement Techniques across businesses from 20 people to sites of 2,000+

What Skills & Experience Should Your Manufacturing Consultant Have?

We' d always start with engaging someone who has experience in supervision and management roles. Why? they'll need to engage with your staff and bring them along and advise on how to do this.
It would be great if they can bring experience of MRP, ERP, Planning & Scheduling. The ability to engage with your H&S and Quality staff is another added bonus. If they deliver and you can make more then you'll certainly need to engage with Procurement staff and those in Logistics, Shipping as you need to move supplies in and out.

What Should a Manufacturing Consultant Deliver?

The Manufacturing Consultant should deliver what you need; to address skills issues, to help you recruit more staff, work on reducing lead times, improve quality or H&S issues, improve factory efficiency or organisational productivity, enhance your internal processes.
In short they should be able to critically review what you require; give you insights into how that can be improved or whether you might find the answer to your problems elsewhere and then go on to deliver.

How Can You Bring a Manufacturing Consultant Into Your Business?

The easiest way to bring a manufacturing consultant in, is to make a call, drop them an email and tell them your problems. The visible stuff you can see that isn't going well or you feel could be improved, in your business.
So why wait? call or email and ask them to have a look - they can't help if you don't ask