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Lean Consultancy Yorkshire Office

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Levantar offer Lean Consulting, Coaching and Training across the UK from their base in York, Yorkshire.

Lean Consultancy Yorkshire Office

Lean Consultancy Yorkshire Office

Our York office is managed by Mark Greenhouse.

His experience  has enabled clients to

  • Reduce Lead Times by 30%
  • Increase Capacity by 40% – leading to greater sales from the same staff and sites
  • Reduce Costs – if you can do more, quicker, it becomes cheaper.
  • Improve Operational Management Skills – working with senor managers to coach them in the tools and skills of improvement. Process Improvements that can actually be applied every day/

How Can He Do This?

He is laser focussed on one thing,  TIME.

Time is the challenge every business and manager has. We never has enough time. Work is being chased up, suppliers called, excuses given to sales and customers, all because we are often short of time.

He has studied the interactions in Operations. He’s qualified to Masters level in Manufacturing Management and has held positions from Team Leader right through to Operations Director. He’s run factory and industrial sites, as well as Management Information and Marketing Teams and worked with clients on delivering Lean consulting and improvement in support functions across organisations.

He’s run shifts and sites, delivered Capex projects as a project manager on the sites he’s then run daily. He’s run planning teams and worked in industries where orders have to be delivered within 18 hours (fresh chilled products in the Supermarket), right through to engineering orders with lead times of months (Wind Turbines).

He’s worked in organisations building one unit a week (machine assembly), through to those making a few hundred a month (sub assembly, sub-contracting) finally ending up with those making thousands or hundreds of thousands a day, supplying supermarkets with lemonade and Quavers, Square Crisps.

Along the way he’s also interrogated customer databases, learnt how to apply Digital techniques to customer relationships and worked on improving marketing which delivered 3m new customers to a financial services organisation in just 2 years.

This vast experience means he understands how MRP & ERP systems can be made to work, how to schedule work optimally, it isn’t the same as planning. He’s trained staff, developed improvements in processes.

He’s studied the ways management, businesses and staff can build consensus and how this can be used to improve processes.

All of these are part of the Lean Consulting service we can offer from here in Yorkshire, across the UK.

Lean Consultancy Yorkshire

He combines running Levantar with being an Associate Lecturer at Leeds University Business School.

In the last 10 years he’s run an annual workshop on Operations Excellence and Lean Management, providing insights to over 2,750 students on Supply Chain and Operations Management.

He’s also written extensively for several Lean magazines and Operational Management books as well as for the Moeller Institute at Cambridge University.

His experience is

  • ElectroMechanical Assembly
  • Machining – Fitting Shops ( Lathes, Milling, Welding, Slotting, Grinding)
  • Machine Assembly
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Law Firms


Our York office is only 1h 50 mins from central London, we’re only 2 hours from Birmingham, an hour from Peterborough, Edinburgh 2h 30 mins – in fact due to excellent rail links York is well placed to serve many UK cities and we do travel to provide our services across the UK.

If you’re looking to improve your Productivity and Efficiency or to find a Lean Consultancy and training firm to help you start your process improvement journey, whether you’re in Bradford, Hull, Doncaster, Leeds, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Wakefield, Middlesbrough or Huddersfield, or anywhere across the UK, Levantar can work with you and your team to deliver more.

Give our Lean Consultancy Yorkshire Office a call on 01904 277007 for a chat or email him on  Mark@Levantar.co.uk