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Manufacturing Lemonade

Why Choose Manufacturing? #Write52

“Why Did You Go Into Manufacturing?” I was asked. I’ve never mentioned this so here goes. Easy, a single conversation with Mr Stacey, my Physics #teacher in Liverpool. He spent time explaining a few engineering courses;  Mechanical, Electrical, etc then turned and said “but you’d probably enjoy Manufacturing”. He mentioned that “The factory of the future will […]

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Digital Leadership Skills for Success

Four Digital Leadership Skills for Success

In Summer 2020, with Covid, Zoom and remote working being front of mind in organisation across the globe. We were given the opportunity, by the Moeller Institute at Cambridge University, in the UK to share our insights on the digital leadership skills needed to make digitalisation projects a success. The Moeller Institute provide executive education […]

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Reengineering Law Firms

Process Reengineering Law Firms

J.Stephen Poor, chairman of Seyfarth Shaw, in his article for The New York Times, financial news service DealB%k, offers that lawyers today should be asking non-traditional questions. Questions to meet the changing demands of the buyers of legal services; How can I apply resources more effectively? How can I shorten cycle time? How can I […]

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Business Process Mapping Tip $

Business Process Mapping Tip #4

  Business Process Mapping Tips #4 Go and Check Observe the Work being Done, the Orders being made; the actual work you are paying for, the movement of people and parts, the checking, the paperwork or software being filled in, the looking for parts, information; the Work In Progress being stored. Listen to the Staff […]

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Business Process Mapping Tip 3

Business Process Mapping Tip #3

  Business Process Mapping Tips #3 Everyday, you work on orders that go through all the main steps every time. These are the Runners. Twice a week, or 20% of orders use all the main steps but have a few extra steps that depends on exactly what the customer wants. These are the Repeaters.   […]

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