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Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Lean Manufacturing WorkshopLean Manufacturing Productivity Process Improvement WorkshopLean, Process Improvement, Re-engineering, Productivity Improvement, Six Sigma – whatever we call it, you may be thinking..”Great, but…What is it all about?What will I and my Team get from it?My Boss suggested we look at lean, how does it work?A friend mentioned it might be useful but I’ve […]

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Lean Marketing Sales Operations Planning SOP

Lean Manufacturing the 7 Wastes – What are They?

Lean Manufacturing the 7 Wastes – What Are They?Listen to any Lean Practitioner and within a short while they’ll talk of Waste and in particular 7 types of waste.Within Lean Manufacturing the 7 Wastes are fairly well defined  and they help us to classify types of waste; this helps firstly identify them, it gives clues as […]

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What is Lean Manufacturing? a free pdf guide

What is Lean Manufacturing? free PDF guideIn recent weeks we’ve been monitoring our new site, watching for Lean Manufacturingterms being used in keyword searches.  Analysing what people are searching for, we’re confident we have something to assist a certain audience we are attracting. The audience that is looking for information on What is Lean Manufacturing?It’s a simple Guide to Lean […]

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