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Process Improvement in Legal Services – Saves 13,000 hours

13,000 Hours Saved – 40% of Legal Forms Contained Errors.¬†Process Improvement LegalHow could a business processes that failed 40% of the time still be around today? How?Thank fully it may not be and lessons from it may lead to a saving of 13,000 hours of work for the UK HM Courts Services.A process as simple […]

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Everyone is Responsible For Improvement

EVERY employee has two jobs??…Toyota, the company who have been progressing improvement since the days they made textile looms, take a very progressive and long-term view on kaizen (change good) and employee engagement.(I don’t think they called it Lean, the word doesn’t exist¬†in the index of the Toyota Production System book by Taiichi Ohno, published […]

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