Lean in the Legal World Blog: Stories & Tips

This is where you’ll find our collection of Lean in Law stories, insights and tips; our blog of Lean and Productivity insights from our work that can be applied in legal, regulated and associated services.
Some of these are directly related to the legal service environment, others to the support functions and services we often find can be improved too.

Lean Value Stream Mapping in a Law Firm

Value Stream Mapping and Alignment”The feedback was positive from every department. Everyone agreed with the improvements that the project found, agreed that we should do something about them, get started quickly; we moved on to the next item on the agenda.” Towards the end of 2014 we completed a Value Stream Mapping project for a […]

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Everyone is Responsible For Improvement

EVERY employee has two jobs??…Toyota, the company who have been progressing improvement since the days they made textile looms, take a very progressive and long-term view on kaizen (change good) and employee engagement.(I don’t think they called it Lean, the word doesn’t exist in the index of the Toyota Production System book by Taiichi Ohno, published […]

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