Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Lean, Process Improvement, Re-engineering, Productivity Improvement, Six Sigma - whatever we call it, you may be thinking..

"Great, but...

  • What is it all about?
  • What will I and my Team get from it?
  • My Boss suggested we look at lean, how does it work?
  • A friend mentioned it might be useful but I've no idea where to start"

There are lots of books, videos, websites on the subject of Lean that you can read or watch.

Are they relevant for you and your business?

Do they address the frustrations you have?

Are they just too technical? Is there too much maths involved?

Lean Manufacturing Workshop - Delivers

The workshop looks to answer questions, like

  • How can Lean Manufacturing improve your Processes & Cash Flow?
  • How do Lean Techniques improve speed of delivery to customers?
  • How do firms waste time and effort every day?
  • Can Lean Manufacturing help with developing the right skills in the business?

Lean Manufacturing Benefits

Productivity Improvement 30%+
ON TIME delivery 20%+
Reduce Space ~25%

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Did You Know?

Business AdvantagePart of this workshop is taught across Business Schools across the globe. In 2010 Levantar were approached and developed the Penny Game, part of the workshop, which now appears in Business Advantage, a course developed by Cambridge University Press and used across the globe.

How long does it take?

There are two options, half or full day.

Who Should Attend?

The Lean Manufacturing Workshop is designed to be suitable for those looking for an introduction to Lean & Process Improvement, to discover more about it, without embarking on hours of study or starting large scale projects.

Those who find it useful to attend include; Business Owners, Senior Managers, Department Heads, teamleaders and project teams.

What Does it Include;

The workshops have been developed to be interactive and include the following business related exercises;

  • HANDS - cash flow in 5 fingers
  • The PENNY GAME - how can we improve, which is quickest and most relevant
  • FRUSTRATIONS - how everyone else wastes your time and effort
  • The Manufacturing Pantomime - How does 5S really work 
Want more details on the Lean Manufacturing Workshop? Please feel free to call Neil on 0115 711 007 for more details.