Lean Training for Law Firms

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Lean Training for Law Firms? Levantar have been delivering these for several years. From firms in the Top100, through large regional players and focussed niche legal firms.

Our Lean training is based upon lean principles.

Why do many Lean Training providers deliver all the techniques and principles of lean in a short time? often in 3-5 consecutive days. Leaving you with little time to implement the ideas, test them, get feedback etc...

Lean teaches us to challenge many "bulk processes", so why do many providers teach in this way?

We have learnt to change the language to one that is suitable for the legal world, one that you, your staff and your clients will understand?


Lean Training For Law Firms - Experiential Based Training

Our main training offering is based around a group of people from a single firm undergoing the training. Each attendee is tasked with identifying and completing an improvement project. This means two things;

  1. The training is focussed on generating a return  to the business either in time, cost reduction or better client service - often ALL 3 result.
  2. The training has to be structured around learning and implementation - as opposed to learning and certification.
    1. It also means we have to deliver it over an extended time - 5 consecutive days in a classroom won't allow you to learn enough around implementation.


Typically the training takes place within a cohort of 6-8 people. It takes place over a number of half days, over 6-8 weeks. The training is half a day followed by "at desk" coaching. Attendees are encouraged to view how the technique they have seen could be used taken from the classroom theory to their project. They are set tasks prior to the next training session.

Some projects can be delivered in a matter of days, others may take up to 14 weeks. We try to ensure that this a maximum as the benefit to esnure the business has the experience of improvement in a reasonable time. 

This second training option can be allied with a City & Guilds Qualification which allows staff to be formally recognised by an international body.


If you are considering Lean Training in your law firm we'd be very happy to talk through the options with you.  To do this contact Mark on 01904 277007 or email mark@levantar.co.uk.

Lean Training Benefits

Faster Delivery To Clients
Reduced Costs
Lower WIP

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Lean Training For Law Firms - One Day Workshop

Our one day Lean Training Workshop teaches attendees the key principles behind Lean. The main goal of the day is to enable attendees to go out and build Value Stream Maps. We consider Value Stream Maps to be "process maps on steroids". Like process maps, Value Stream Maps show what happens and in what order, however they deliver much greater insight into the wasted time and effort and WHY this happens.

Attendees will be able to build these maps and show others the issues that are hidden in the business and put a time and cost to the issues.

For more details click on Lean Training for Law Firms - One Day Workshop