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Process Improvement Consultant

Process Improvement Consulting

If you are managing a team AND are 


Business Productivity

  • Under Pressure to Deliver Work Faster AND On Time
  • Under Pressure to Review Costs and Deliver More With the Same Staff 
  • Under Pressure to Find Employees with the Right Skills and Experience for Your Business

If this is you, your team, your business, then we know that our Process Improvement services can help you. 

How do we Know? we've helped businesses across the UK overcome many similar challenges in the last 15 years.

In just the last two years our clients have seen lead time on work tumble, they've delivered 35% more output with the same staff and resources, and begun to delight clients with consistent on time delivery.

Found the time to address skill and experience issues they were facing and finally discovered that their businesses can be even more profitable.

We'd be very happy to hear more about your specific challenges. Did we mention we offer a FREE One Day Business Review? 

To find out more, call Mark on 01904 277007 for a free chat about our Process Improvement Consulting services or use the form or email address below.

Don't take our word on what we deliver - check out below what our existing clients would tell you about us and our services.

Client Reviews of Levantar from Google

The Levantar team provide a fantastic service that not only looks at the basic lean principles of manufacturing but helped to dig much deeper to identify underlying issues across the business and how to improve them. Neil and Mark make an exceptional team who are really easy to work with and are able to challenge and develop individuals from the shop-floor to the management team. I highly recommend them.Garth Williams Software Manager ABG International Ltd
Garth Ellie Williams
Garth Ellie Williams
06:27 17 May 18
Levantar really do know what they are doing, they spent around a year working with a company I work for and the improvement made were beyond words. Daily working life became much more bearable and I was able to improve myself in my job role due to this. They are very honest and will help wherever they can using the knowledge they have learnt through the years. I highly recommend Mark and Neil and would happily work with them again.
Daisy Lowe
Daisy Lowe
08:55 12 Apr 18
Levantar were with us for 7 months during which time they introduced many changes to existing processes as well as new ones to move on with. During this time they learned our way of working before making any additions/alterations or changes, they listened to everyone who had comments, observations or ideas and took all of these on board.They left us a far more efficient group than when they arrived with new ideas an projects to carry forward to continue the improvements.Overall Mark & Neil are approachable, attentive & have much knowledge & experience to draw from in order to improve a business in so many ways.Highly recommended !
Malcolm Savage
Malcolm Savage
10:16 26 Mar 18
The Levantar team are extremely professional and easy to work with.They were able to converse with all levels of our employees from the people on our shop floor through to the Management team and most importantly get 'buy in'.We are now using many procedures they put in place.I cant rate them highly enough.
Chris Ellis
Chris Ellis
07:33 03 Apr 18
Taught a combination of logical thinking with outside the box thoughts. Full interaction with all levels in all departments. Great motivation team the learn from and work with.
Martin Morgan
Martin Morgan
10:22 12 Apr 18
Levantar helped improve process and work flow, improved communication between departments and were keen to develope employee's with college course and in house training.
Stephen Mazey
Stephen Mazey
15:13 04 Apr 18

CONTACT FORM - Fill in Your Details and we'll be in touch

    How can You use our Services?


    Productivity Solutions

    We have a simple process to start work with us;

    • You Contact Us either by phone on 01904 277007 , email Mark@levantar.co.uk or fill in the form below with your contact details.
    • We'll get back to you (within 24hrs) to make time for a (Free) conversation to find out more about your business and the challenges you have.
    • If we both agree, we'll book a FREE on-site review.  We do these across the UK.
    • Yes, it is free, there is no obligation, BUT we only do a maximum of 2 per month, so putting off the call, could delay the review.
    • We conduct the review at your site and make time to have a debrief at the end of the day. 


    Benefits of Lean Process Improvement



      Efficiency & Productivity Review

      In a few days we aim to review critical parts of your business and provide insights into wasted time and effort - aiming to give you an insight into the time you could gain through improved efficiency & productivity. Insights into how your employees could be more engaged and help to deliver more

      Lean Management Training

      Levantar have developed experience based lean training. Training which mixes teaching with on the job implementation. Lean Training which is focussed on helping you identify and solve the problems in your business, delivering a return direct to you, your employees, your customers.

      Lean Management Consulting

      Our lean consulting works alongside you and your staff to ensure everyone understands and is aligned with changes, at a pace to suit your business. Ensuring the benefits of improvement are realised quickly and are sustained in the long term, able to cope with future changes.

      Interim Operations Management

      Levantar staff have considerable operations management experience (AT LEAST 20yrs +) to multi-site director level. You can use our experience and skills to fill gaps or provide advice on an interim basis.

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