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Re-Shoring, Automation

Re-Shoring, Automation and Value Chains

Re-shoring, Automation and Value ChainsWhen considering a lean value chain it can often highlight the time materials, reports, information all spend in transport or waiting.This why many organisations discover that off-shoring work can drive down labour related costs whilst driving up Work in Progress and delay responses to customers. This off-shored work, over the last 30 years […]

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reshoring manufacturing in the UK

Reshoring Manufacturing to the UK – Others Have Done It

At Levantar we’ve been following closely the trend for Backsourcing or Reshoring manufacturing to the UK. Indeed the same trend is happening in office administration centres as well. Backsourcing or reshoring is not just about bringing jobs back home. More often than not it’s based on sound economic business and social reasons. The main two reasons […]

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