How to Improve Productivity at Work

How to Improve Productivity at Work?

How would it feel?

  • if you could get rid of the things that frustrate you? the things that waste YOUR time and effort
  • if you, your team could deliver on time more often?
  • if you, your team, your organisation could be 20-30% more productive?

Improving Productivity is a mix of

  • Reviewing Processes and ensuring they are Effective (delivering the right outcome) and Efficient (delivering the right outcome, fast).
  • Applying Continuous Improvement Techniques to Your Processes.
  • Engaging Employees to Deliver, everyday.
  • Sustaining the Improvement Techniques and the Engagement.



(Gallup - State of the Global Workforce Survey)

Imagine for a minute your teams could be 20% more productive - you and your teams could deliver the output of a month in a little over three weeks.

Gaining a free month every week. What could that mean to you, your business?

Now add in higher quality (+40%), lower absenteeism (35% lower) - how would that feel?

What would improving Productivity, Profitability, Quality mean for YOU at work?

at home? for relationships? 

There are 3 ways to start;7 Frustrations Legal 2018 final pic compression 150

  1. Fill in the form below to get STOP! Wasting Time and Effort.

    It's our free guide which takes 10 minutes to work through. You'll be able to see if you suffer from the 7 areas of Frustration. Frustrations that lead to you, your staff, your organisation Wasting Time and Effort.

    You can calculate how much time you, your team, your department are losing every week. Using the examples see if you have the same problems we see time and time again. 

    The Frustrations can be removed and reduced, allowing Productivity to improve by 20-30%.

    We have different guides for different sectors from Engineering, Manufacturing through to Legal and Accounting teams, the guide you receive will be relevant to your sector. 

    To find out more about these 3 options, fill in the form below and select an option.

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  2. Request a Free Improving Productivity & Efficiency Review;

    Every month we offer 2 free reviews to organisations (across the UK) to look at how they can improve their processes & productivity. 

    We've worked in many sectors from Manufacturing through to Financial Services, Engineering to Legal Firms and on sites with 10 staff to sites with hundreds of employees.

  3. Ask about our 90 minute Productivity and Efficiency workshops for senior & management teams;

    Ideal for teams that want to use a monthly board meeting or off-site events to find out how they can improve productivity and efficiency and by how much.

How do we know you'll find the STOP! book useful? we see and hear frustrations in the businesses we visit, quite often these are very similar regardless of the business sector.

Got a different question about Productivity Improvement? contact Mark Greenhouse about how we can help.

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Levantar Providing Productivity Improvement Workshops to Leeds University and Goldman Sachs

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“A feeling of disappointment, or weariness caused by goals being thwarted or desires unsatisfied” (Frustrations; The stuff you share with family & friends, about what needs to be improved in your organisation)
Is simply either

a) the amount of work produced per worker or

b) the amount of work produced per hour worked

These measures can be improved by many techniques and by management interventions.

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Improve Productivity at Work


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