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You’ve likely come to this page for one of many reasons, including; 

  1. Your organisation has started on Lean or Continuous Improvement projects and despite their efforts being focused on the operations teams you have a thought that this “stuff” might be something you can learn from. You think you might be able to get more from your own teams – you’re right OR
  2. You’re hearing about Lean Improvements in the operations teams but your not seeing the same  impact on the financial results of the organisation and it’s not clear why not – we know why OR
  3. You simply want to discover whether you can improve how your staff understand the current metrics and financial information you provide.

If you have one of these reason, we know, Levantar can help you.


Lean Accounting includes techniques to speed up the financial and reporting processes. The processes in you teams.

It is also designed to better reflect the financial performance of a company that has implemented Lean and improvement processes, whether these are in factories, operations, service or office environments.

As an example, when completed correctly Lean (whether in a factory or office) can mean a reduction in Work In Progress, WIP. This gives the potential to reduce Inventory, Finished Stock and Raw Materials.

That will free up cash but in the short term is can negatively impacts P&L if handled incorrectly. 

Lean Improvement projects should deliver shorter Lead Times.

If you shorten Lead Times it will free up capacity but if you’re not measuring Lead Times or don’t understand how Processing Times interact with Lead Times, you’ll miss the opportunity to grow business. 

Our Lean Accounting and Finance services have been developed to work in many situations. 

Perhaps you are wondering how you can instil Lean practices into your Accounting and Finance functions in their own right, perhaps as a stand alone project. Maybe you want to work alongside other Lean projects and ensure your staff can be part of the improvement. 

Our Lean Accounting services can be developed to suit either situation. 

DID WE TELL YOU? Our Lean Accounting solutions have been designed and are delivered by Neil Harvey, an ACMA, CGMA professional.



  1. has asked you to consider whether you could do more with your team – they’think your business could do better, be more productive. But can’t find the time to start, ironic huh?

You want to be part of the improvement projects, take a role, want your staff to be part of them.  But don’t know where to start.

You’ve heard of process mapping, re-engineering. But don’t have the skills or experience in-house.

Heard about organisations changing processes but falling back to old ways. How can you ensure the changes are SUSTAINED?

Consulting doesn’t have to be where we take a problem and solve it for you. 

Consulting can be where we take a problem from you and solve it, working alongside your staff.

It can be coaching and developing your staff by helping them deal with real improvement projects.

It can be quick bursts of intense activity or regular interventions spread over months.

It depends on what you need from us and the improvement activity. 

Any consulting will always focus on

  • Tools – the equipment (worksheets, analysis tools) you need for improvement
  • Techniques – the methods, the framework for using the Tools
  • Behaviours  – the way in which people conduct themselves so that the Improvement is SUSTAINED

I’ve spent my life driving my businesses with a series of rear view mirrors  [the after the event, end of month historical reports].

Lean Accounting taught me there was a rather large clear Front Windscreen in every business I could have been using.

FD – UK Machinery Manufacturing

The Lean Accounting Consulting

service we offer is led by an ACMA, CGMA UK based accountant, one who has built firms, from scratch, on the basis of continuous improvement. He has over 25 years experience in combining daily improvements with accounting practices.

The consulting services can be used in situations where you want to 

  • Reduce the time to produce the monthly and year end reports
  • Redefine the internal finance and accounting processes 
  • Understand which processes could be improved via IT 
  • Work with other Operational areas on Improvement Projects 
  • Understand the Operational Data which forecasts what the budgets and results will be
  • Move from keeping the (Cricket) score to batting alongside the Operational teams

Who is it for?

The service can be tailored to meet your needs and those of your organisation.

Maybe you’re a CFO, FD who wants some 121  coaching and development in this area. Perhaps you want a particular issues dealt with by your own team but need an extra pair of hands to guide and oversee them. Or you just want additional resource to resolve a problem.

Whatever you think you need, if it’s related to improving your Accounting or Finance functions or getting them involved with improvement around the organisation then call us. 

The best way to find out more, is simply to pick up the phone and call our Lean Accounting Professional, Neil Harvey, ACMA, CGMA on 0115 711 7007 to find out more.

He does do initial ONE DAY Lean Accounting consultations for FREE, so what is stopping you calling him now?

See our other Lean Accounting Services below.

Accounting and Finance professionals have a central role to play in Productivity Improvement.

Many improvement programmes find it difficult to find a place for accounting staff who often have a wealth of skills that they could offer and insights as to how the productivity and efficiency improvements will affect the business, whether that is through 

  • improved KPI performance
  • increased profitability
  • better on-time delivery
  • lower costs
  • lower Work In Progress

Delivering these benefits your improvement program, will open up strategic options and new possibilities which allow your business to grow.

Read Our Lean Blog for our latest insights to improvement.

Benefits of Lean



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121 Improvement Coaching through to Project Management

You can tap into 25 years of improvement, accounting and business building experience!

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