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Lean Accounting Workshops

Lean Accounting Workshops

You want your teams to be part of improvement, you want your business to improve.

You want to start a discussion across the organisation, get others thinking about improvement.

You want to understand how Lean can drive SUSTAINED improvement and improve Employee Engagement.

Maybe you have a team meeting that want to develop and bring external speakers in for and develop your staff.

You want to spark some ideas with your Accounting and Finance teams.

Levantar have developed a series of workshops (1 hour -1 day) which takes staff through the key messages about lean and can be used to help you sparking the fires in your business.

It seemed straight forward to begin with, but the real life experiences gave this workshop another level. I've learnt it's as much about people management as it is changing and improving the process. Lots to consider some definite ideas!

Finance Controller - UK Services Org.

The Lean Accounting Workshops

service we offer is led by an ACMA, CGMA UK based accountant, one who has built firms, from scratch, on the basis of continuous improvement. He has over 25 years experience in combining daily improvements with accounting practices.

The workshop services can be used in situations where you want to 

  • Start a discussion in your organisation with Managers, your Board members
  • Bring together a diverse team (Finance, Operations, Distribution, Marketing) to understand improvement
  • Consider how you may give your teams an insight into improvement
  • Fill a monthly team meeting with an hour or two of learning

Who is it for?

The service can be tailored to meet your needs and those of your organisation.

Maybe you're a CFO, FD who wants to develop his own team.

Perhaps you want to drive a conversation with the rest of your board, with others across the company, without committing to full consulting or training.

It could be you don't have a particular problem but want to understand the potential for improvement. 

Whatever you think you need, if it's related to improving your Accounting or Finance functions or getting them involved with improvement around the organisation then call us. 

The best way to find out more, is simply to pick up the phone and call our Lean Accounting Professional, Neil Harvey, ACMA, CGMA on 0115 711 7007 to find out more.

He does do initial ONE DAY Lean Accounting consultations for FREE, so what is stopping you calling him now?

See our other Lean Accounting Services below.

Call Neil Harvey ACMA, CGMA, MBA on 0115 711 7007 to find out more about our Lean Accounting Workshops.

We do offer workshops 1-2 hours long to introduce Lean Accounting principles to your organisation

Alternatively contact him on email Send Mail to Neil

Our Lean Accounting and Finance services have been developed to work in many situations. 

Perhaps you are wondering how you can instil Lean practices into your Accounting and Finance functions in their own right, perhaps as a stand alone project. Maybe you want to work alongside other Lean projects and ensure your staff can be part of the improvement. 

Our Lean Accounting services can be developed to suit either situation. 

DID WE TELL YOU? Our Lean Accounting solutions have been designed and are delivered by Neil Harvey, an ACMA, CGMA professional.

Accounting and Finance professionals have a central role to play in Productivity Improvement.

Many improvement programmes find it difficult to find a place for accounting staff who often have a wealth of skills that they could offer and insights as to how the productivity and efficiency improvements will affect the business, whether that is through 

  • improved KPI performance
  • increased profitability
  • better on-time delivery
  • lower costs
  • lower Work In Progress

Delivering these benefits your improvement program, will open up strategic options and new possibilities which allow your business to grow.

Read Our Lean Blog for our latest insights to improvement.

Benefits of Lean



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Introduce Your Teams to Lean And Productivity & Improvement Ideas

25 years of improvement, accounting experience go into our Workshops designed to help start the discussions in Your organisation

call Neil now on 0115 711 7007 to start your journey