Legal Process Improvement Consulting

Legal Process Improvement Consulting

Are you frustrated by the Processes in your firm? Frustrated by being hampered in efforts to improve Productivity at work? Frustrated by processes which mean that your Lock-up is still not really under control?

There are  AT LEAST 45 different ways your team, your clients will be wasting time and effort, every day. Wasted time and effort that could be removed through improving processes.

Where do you start with improving processes? You could do try and do Process Improvement yourself, read the books, go on a course, watch some videos. Then try and do it whilst you're doing your current job. The job that you have lots of spare time to do training in. 

OR you could do something much more simple and tap into our 50 years of experience in improving processes and productivity. 

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STOP! Wasting Time and Effort - Free Book

SIMPLE: there are 3 places you can start;

  1. Fill in the form below to get STOP! Wasting Time and Effort it's our free guide which takes 10 minutes to work through. You'll be able to calculate how much time you are losing and using the examples see if we've seen the same problems you now have. Our guide is written explicitly for the Legal Sector - use it to start a conversation about improving your processes!

  2. Request a Free Process & Productivity Review; every month we offer 2 free reviews to businesses (across the UK) to look at how they can improve their productivity.

  3. Ask about our 90 minute Process & Productivity Workshop for senior teams;  ideal for teams that want to use a monthly board meeting to find out how they can improve processes, productivity and efficiency.

To find out more about these options, fill in the form below and select an option.

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How do we know that you'll have similar problems? we've seen it in the Legal Firms we visit. They're in the book above STOP!  

We've worked in Legal Firms (niche, regional, top 30) since 2010 and written on the area of improvement for several books and publications.  

How would it feel? if you could get rid of the things that frustrate you, the things that waste time and effort? Get Lock-up under control and predict it?  

Got a different question about Legal Process Improvement? contact Mark Greenhouse about how we can help.

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Legal Process Improvement


Call Mark on 01904 277 007 for more details on how you can improve Productivity