Lean Wastes are really Frustrations

In our world of Lean Process Improvement all too often we talk about 7 Wastes and expect you to understand what we mean.

Your days are filled with value adding, high quality work and DAILY FRUSTRATIONS.

Lean Waste Waiting

Frustrations that reduce your efficiency, hamper your productivity and those of your team and colleagues.

Frustrations that cause you and your teams to waste TIME and EFFORT impacting on what you need to deliver to clients

You do experience waste it’s just that you have a different name for it, Frustration. Who cares what we call it, recognising it, fisning it and exploring it is the important work.

Daily Frustrations – Waiting

The FRUSTRATION of WAITING is just one of 7 areas of frustration and includes waiting for;

• Clients to send information in, reply to phone calls, e-mails etc
• Internal information requests & reports to be processed
• Royal Mail post to arrive in the department each day
• Work to be checked by other “interested” parties – senior partners through to team leaders; even though you’ve completed similar work several times before.
• Bills and invoices to be issued
• The invoice to be paid by clients
• Know Your Customer and identification checks to be completed
• Expenses to be processed
• Training to be signed off
• 3rd parties, other legal firms etc. to return documents, emails, phone calls

Removing these is one step on the way to improving your day, those who work around you – ask them, they probably share these Frustrations. it’s a large step on the way to improving efficiency and productivity.

In any Legal Process there are 7 FRUSTRATION groups, download our FREE Lean Improvement Guide for Law Firms (updated May 2014) – over 1,000 people already have – to discover the other 6 types of Daily Frustrations in Law Firms p.s. they start on page 10 of the guide.

Once You recognise these, how do you get rid of them or reduce their impact? Find out WHY these Frustrations exist, there is ALWAYS a reason

Give Mark a call on 01904 277007 to have a chat about that.

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