Lean Waste in a Law Firm? It’s only 20-40% of Time

Workflow Waste in Law Firms - Over 20% of Time 

Lean Waste Time Agile

Time Wasted

"Only in becoming a general manager did I recognize the waste that law firms and in-house counsel design into their workflows – waste that I estimate at 20 to 40% of what companies pay them."

I've just read this on this blog post.  https://www.controllingcorporatelegalcosts.com/about-me/

If you're paying for the 20-40% than needed what else could you do with that investment?

If you're in the law firm the 20-40% will have taken up time.

What could you do with the saved time?

  • More training?
  • self development?
  • More client development?
  • More client work?
  • Time at home?
  • Less work at weekends?

Finding the time we waste opens up options to improve; improve at work and at home.

If you want to find out how much time you might be wasting in your law firm call Mark on 01904 277077 for a free chat and copy of the free book to help you calculate it.

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