Lean Waste in Law Firms – Waiting…

Lean Waste in Law Firms - Waiting

Your days are filled with brilliant, value adding, high quality work and FRUSTRATIONS

Daily Frustrations that cause you and your teams to WASTE TIME & EFFORT impacting on the value adding work you want to deliver. 

Most Lean practitioners will begin by explaining how you and your staff create waste and then the shutters often come down, as people set out to defend that they don't create waste.

Asked about frustrations and people can't help themselves to share what frustrates them. What frustrates them about other parties, internal departments, working with clients etc..

These frustrations lead to you wasting your time and effort.  

The Lean Waste FRUSTRATION of WAITING is just one found in law firms and includes Waiting For;  

Lean Waste in Law Firms

Waste of Waiting

  1. Clients to send information in, reply to phone calls, e-mails etc
  2. Internal information requests & reports to be processed
  3. Royal Mail post to arrive in the department each day
  4. Work to be checked by other “interested” parties – senior partners through to team leaders; even though you've completed similar work several times before.
  5. Bills and invoices to be issued
  6. The invoice to be paid by clients
  7. Know Your Customer and identification checks to be completed
  8. Expenses to be processed
  9. Training to be signed off
  10. 3rd parties, other legal firms etc. to return documents, emails, phone calls


Removing these frustrations and the time and effort they waste is one step on the way to improving your day and the day for those who work around you. 

Ask them, they probably share these Frustrations. it's a large step on the way to improving your legal firm efficiency and productivity.

The Frustration of Waiting is one of only 7 areas of frustration that exist in the legal world.

These 7 areas of frustration give rise to over 30+ different and specific areas of Lean Waste in Law Firms.

Once You recognise these, how do you get rid of them or reduce their impact? Find out WHY these Frustrations exist, there is ALWAYS a reason. 

 Give Mark a call on 01904 277007 to have a chat about that.

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