Voice of the Customer or Voice of the Customers

Voice of the Customers? #1

Do you have one customer type or more than one?  In this, another of the TED.com talks that have inspired us, we share the insights of Malcom Gladwell. 

In this video he explores the concept of the "Perfect Pepsis", the story behind Ragu and how you can gain more customers and expand the reach of your products by highlighting the dangers of going after the average customer.

Do you have one customer type or many different with different requirements, different customer  segments? If so how do you service them and does it provide value?

Why is this relevant to Lean Six Sigma, well Voice of the Customer is one of the key components of Lean.

In fact the first of the 5 lean principles begins with

"Specify value from the standpoint of the end customer by product family."

On that point why are so few Lean programs run by marketing teams and what experience does your lean consultant have in delivering marketing insights?

Oh and if you get to then end of the video... Are you one of the 42%?  

If his name is familiar  he is the author of the books Tipping Point, Outliers, 10,000 Hours amongst others. 

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