Listen… the best way to help people improve?

When we talk about Gemba, going to the place and observing it does conjure up the image of someone watching. Equal to this though is the need to observe through listening.

This is the first of a series of posts where we share talks that we have found useful in developing our skills or highlighting things we think are really important in any lean or continuous improvement journey.

Over the years it's become apparent that many of the firms we've been too have had consultants in before, they came with a set of answers and ideas. They set up in offices and analysed data, they made presentations, gave generic training modules.

They didn't listen to the people doing the work, they didn't take on board their ideas. Didn't listen out for the real skills and experiences required. Didn't listen to the support staff needed to take on board improvements and changes.

I wonder what they could have learnt from the aid workers and the Hippos in this story.....

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