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Lean Training Course UK

Lean Training Course UK

Value Stream Map - Lean Manufacturing Training Course
Value Stream Map - Lean Manufacturing Training Course

Our lean training courses are what we offer to firms looking to equip their own staff with the

  • Skills
  • Experiences
  • Techniques


Lean, Six Sigma, Productivity Improvement, Business Process Improvement, whatever you want to call it should be designed to allow you and your staff

  • TIME to actually apply the techniques and experience them,
  • TIME to receive coaching and feedback,
  • TIME to hone their SKILLS before learning a new one.

There are in excess of 50 Lean, Process Improvement techniques; some will be more important to your business than others.

Do you want to learn all 50 before you start trying to improve?

Did you teach your child how to swim front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, diving, lifesaving all in one go?

Why do this with improvement training?

WHY attend a 5 day Training course (at a discounted rate obviously), at a hotel somewhere away from your workplace to learn everything BEFORE you apply it?

Levantar believe that a Lean or Productivity Improvement Training course should be tailored to the specific needs of your business; using the lean manufacturing techniques which are most suited to your business.

We believe that you should learn some new things try them out, get coaching, get feedback - then try the next skill, the next technique. 

Did you teach your kids the Cruyff turn before you gave them their first football?  Why try and do the equivalent with Improvement training?

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Providing Productivity Improvement Workshops to Leeds University and Goldman Sachs

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Lean Training Course - adapted to solve Your problems

If you are looking to improve your business ouptuts to solve problems such as

  • Getting work out ON TIME, IN FULL. (OTIF)
  • Taking too long to fulfil customer orders - Slow Production Times
  • High levels of Work in Progress and too much progress chasing
  • Skills and Knowledge shortages or high levels of staff turnover
  • High Costs

Or to simply remove that Friday afternoon feeling.

You know when at around 11.30am on a Friday things start going wrong for the weekend, we've all been there.

Then our training courses can be adapted for the needs of your staff, your business or organisation. 

Lean Training Course - designed to fit in with your workload

A Lean & Productivity Improvement course on which you are taught, observed during implementation and  given feedback.

Not a course where the focus is 5 consecutive days, away from the workplace to gain a certificate.

A typical improvement training course typically consists of a number of training sessions; split across several weeks.

After each improvement training module individuals are given 121 support in the workplace.

This helps them to get insights into how to implement the lean manufacturing tools into their daily lives.

It also gives them insights into how to bring others on board and to gain their buy-in. In other words how to SUSTAIN the change.



We know that any improvement work taught has to go hand in hand with your daily operations.  In reality you and your staff have to improve and deliver all at the same time.

Our services are based on our considerable operations management experience we have. All of our consultants have run operational teams as senior managers through to Operations Director level.

Maybe you have a single department project in mind, or perhaps you have a thought that you need training across a series of departments or sites that you want to improve, including the support areas - Finance, Product Development, HR. 

Whatever you need we can flex our Productivity Improvement courses to suit the outcomes you are looking for. 

DID WE TELL YOU? Our Lean Training solutions have been designed and are delivered by Mark Greenhouse, an Master of Engineering and  Neil Harvey, an ACMA, CGMA Finance professional.

I understood Lean more in the first 5 minutes of training than I've learnt from 4 previous courses!!

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Lean Manufacturing Training & Consulting Across the UK




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How Does a Lean Manufacturing Training Course Help You?

It gives you the chance to learn from and work with experienced  sets of eyes and ears.  

It gives you the chance to understand how see the ROOT CAUSES OF PROBLEMS. 

It gives you the chance to learn how to DELIVER MORE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS.

It gives you the chance to start removing the things that frustrate you every day;

  • Shortages
  • Rushed or Late Customer Deliveries
  • Quality Failures
  • Lack of Ownership
  • Skills Shortages

Think about FRUSTRATIONS for a moment - you know the things you share about your day at work when you get home, go the pub, talk to your friends about the business.  

Lean Manufacturing Productivity - How Many Frustrations Do You Have?

It's really simple to find out.

Ask your staff what stops them doing their job, stops them getting on with it? 

Ask them what frustrates them about doing the job and listen to their replies.

Listen to their replies, don't dismiss.

While you're at it, why not estimate how many times each of them happen each week and how much time you lose sorting them out.

A Manufacturing Productivity Example

A stores person takes a list of components and walks around the stores collecting component parts for an assembly. (The list came from the company) The parts are in part number order, not the order they are stored in or are used in.

The employee tick them off as they go, placing them in bags with the component id on, the bags go in a big box. 

They are delivered to the engineer who must first, sort all the bags into the right order, checking that they have all the right parts and numbers of parts.  

How much wasted time is in there? How much work is duplicated?

Why can't the stores person deliver the parts in the right order to the engineer and help them focus on just building? Thereby increasing their productivity?

There are simple solutions to this and the many other frustrations you have.


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