Monthly Archives: June 2015

Continuous Improvement in Legal Departments

Continuous Improvement in Legal DepartmentsOkay, we all know the story, you’re waiting for something to happen about continuous improvement in Legal Departments. Then all of sudden like buses, the stories start to arrive at once.On Friday last it was the turn of LexisNexis to publish their discussion paper Measuring the in-house Legal Teamproduced by their In-House Advisory Board, […]

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Lean Manufacturing the 7 Wastes – What are They?

Lean Manufacturing the 7 Wastes – What Are They?Listen to any Lean Practitioner and within a short while they’ll talk of Waste and in particular 7 types of waste.Within Lean Manufacturing the 7 Wastes are fairly well defined  and they help us to classify types of waste; this helps firstly identify them, it gives clues as […]

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Lean Wastes are really Frustrations

In our world of Lean Process Improvement all too often we talk about 7 Wastes and expect you to understand what we mean. Your days are filled with value adding, high quality work and DAILY FRUSTRATIONS. Frustrations that reduce your efficiency, hamper your productivity and those of your team and colleagues. Frustrations that cause you and […]

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