Lean Management Blog UK: Stories, Tips and Hints.

This is where you’ll find our collection of Lean Management stories, insights and tips; our blog of Lean and Productivity insights from our work that are related to management issues.

These can be used in many sectors from Engineering, through FMCG, to Offices and Support Functions, even Legal and Regulated Services.
Some of these insights and tips are directly related to the “operations” environment, others to the support functions and services we often find can be improved too.

Lean Consultancy Yorkshire

Lean Consultancy Yorkshire OfficeLevantar offer training, coaching and consulting services from their York office. These solutions are offered to many types of business e.g. Legal Firms, Manufacturing, Engineering, Facilities Management, Financial Services.Our York office is only 1h 50 mins from central London, we’re only 2 hours from Birmingham, an hour from Peterborough, Edinburgh 2h 30 […]

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Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant

Neil Harvey UK Lean Consultant ‘Kneeds’ to get his hands dirty and infuses honest wholesome business improvement with financial reality. In the past decade Neil has delivered significant improvements to dozens of clients of a variety of sizes and across many business sectors, from FMCG to engineering, printer manufacturers to electronics, medicinal products to retailers, […]

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Mark Greenhouse Lean Process Improvement Consultant

Mark Greenhouse Lean Process Improvement ConsultantMark Greenhouse UK Lean Process Improvement ConsultantFor 25 years Mark has been involved with improvement of organisations be that through Productivity Improvement, Lean, Efficiency Improvement or Process Improvement programmes – all with the aim of leaving behind SUSTAINED improved performance. During that time he has often had to deliver improvements whilst […]

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Everyone is Responsible For Improvement

EVERY employee has two jobs??…Toyota, the company who have been progressing improvement since the days they made textile looms, take a very progressive and long-term view on kaizen (change good) and employee engagement.(I don’t think they called it Lean, the word doesn’t exist in the index of the Toyota Production System book by Taiichi Ohno, published […]

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Lean Management – What are the traits?

Lean Management – What are the Traits?Sometimes we are told by our customers that they are eager to learn from us;senior engineer and newly hired employeelearn the techniques of lean management,learn the continuous improvement processes,and often we go about our roles ensuring they have the correct tools and techniques to go forth and banish waste […]

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Lean Management Thinking @ Starbucks

Lean Management Thinking @ StarbucksIn case you missed it Starbucks claimed Lean Management Thinking was behind a tripling of profits and a dramatic surge in customer satisfaction in recent weeks. What exactly did they do?According to this Lean Japanese Techniques story in The Wall Street Journal, theySaved between 20 and 33% of the processing time  in making coffee, […]

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