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Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop UK

Lean Manufacturing Improvement Workshop

Lean Manufacturing, Performance Improvement, Re-engineering, Productivity Improvement, Six Sigma – whatever we  call it, you may be thinking.. “Great, but… What is it all about? What will I and my Team get from it? My Boss suggested we look at lean, how does it work? A friend mentioned it might be useful but I’ve no […]

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Lean Manufacturing Productivity & Efficiency Review

Simply put this Lean Manufacturing Efficiency & Productivity Review service is one where we visit your factory, your manufacturing site. With you and your staff we review the Manufacturing Efficiency and Productivity of your business. This could be the shop floor or the support functions – Finance, Development, Transport. WHY? before you embark on your […]

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Increasing Productivity Manufacturing Engineering

Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing & Engineering Firms: TIP 1

Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing & Engineering Firms.  Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing & Engineering FirmsOR to put it another wayGET MORE, OUT ON TIME with the same resources & the same numbers of people.Why are we focussing on the company productivity & not individuals?Surely we just optimise the output of each individual, give them performance targets; add in some training and off you go?NO not if you […]

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Improving UK Productivity

Improving UK Productivity – Accidental Managers

How do we go about Improving UKImproving UK Productivity – Made in UKProductivity ?It may have escaped your attention in the current discussions about Brexit, trade deals, immigration and what we can do to trade elsewhere but the UK is the least productive nation in the G7. It is reckoned that UK firms are 20% less productive than […]

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